We are living through some new and emerging challenges as a state and we will need steady, experienced leadership to get us through the challenges we’ll face together. Vail’s first priority is to fight for responsible government. For Vail, that means that…

  • Responsible government should provide the greatest opportunity for you to achieve your goals and dreams, whether you’re a professional, caring for your family, a student, or elderly.
  • Kansas laws, and lawmakers, should lead with transparency to cultivate trust. Politicians should not be free to see to their own personal interests at the cost of yours.
  • Kansas economic policies and regulations should safeguard your earning potential, not stifle it. Whether you’re looking for a job, or wishing your paycheck went farther, the State’s policies should reward your hard work. 
  • Kansas education should help every student achieve their full potential. We need strong schools that are sensitive to our students’ needs. Your tax dollars shouldn’t have to be wasted on ever-increasing overhead expenses.

Vail is a solutions-driven candidate for Kansas Senate. With his focus on responsible government, he will fight to make government work to solve the issues you are facing right now. 

Here are some other issues important to Vail: 

Trade Schools

Every Kansan should be able to find ways to advance their earning potential. Promoting opportunities to attend trade school is a critical part of helping Kansans make a living. I would support any policy that advances these kinds of opportunities to our young people.

Utility Rates 

If elected to the Legislature, I will continue to scrutinize our utilities rates to make sure Kansans aren’t paying too much for the basic necessities. The incoming Legislature will have to act to implement policy changes based on the findings of ongoing investigations into our utility rates.

Unemployment and other Government Programs

Government should create an environment for a thriving economy, be lean, and be efficient.  In the tough times, it should be just as efficient.  For instance, during this current pandemic, our unemployment insurance system should have been prepared during the good times, to support Kansans who are temporarily out of work.